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Why Injectables .

We believe that by helping you restore therapeutic levels of highly absorbable nutrients ,née can assist you in achieving a higher state of wellness.

IV hydration is the fastest way to deliver the highest doses of nutrients to the body . A vitamin injection is a quick shot that treats various vitamin deficiencies.

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Heather Fritsch

Or text for an appointment 760-712-7060


Reiki Certified 60 min $60


Amino Acid Blend

Support Muscle Mass, Strength , Healthy Weight, Heart Health $20


Boosts energy, Supports weight loss, Improves mood, A must for vegans $25

B5 Dexapanthenol

Anti stress,Depression, Anxiety,Acne ,Rheumatoid arthritis , Allergies,Migraine,Cholesterol, Immunity $15

Vitamin D $25

Tornadol NSAID $25

Zofran Anti -Nausea $25

B6 Pyridoxine

Hormone balancing, Sleep, Inflamation,Exzema, Psoriasis,ADHD,

PMS $15

B Complex 

Immune boost ,Mood Support, Digesting Carbs 



Master antioxidant, Liver Health Athletic support ,Skin brightening,




Homeopathic Anti-

Inflammatory, Injuries , Sprains , Muscle Pain , Fibromyalgia relief 



Healthy Hair , Skin, Nails $15

Vitamin C

Immune booster, Tissue repair, Collagen production $25


Weight loss, Creatine production,Drug withdrawal ,Lipotropic fat burner, $15


Reverses and slows down the aging process ,boosts metabolism, & energy , Repairs DNA, Cell protector , Increases brain health  $100

IV Therapy

Anti inflammatory Vitamin C , Magnesium $200

Energy & Focus B-Complex , B12, Vitamin C $175

Hangover Electrolytes, B -complex, B12 , Zofran $175

Immunity B-complex, Vitamin C, Zinc,, Glutathione,Magnesium $200

Athletic Performance / Recovery Tri-amino, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Magnesium, Carnitine $200

Detox Magnesium, Glutathione, B-complex $200

Total Wellness Vitamin C , Magnesium,B5, B6, B12,B-complex $275

NAD + 500 $500

1000 $1000

Followed by B12 push

Pure Hydration 250ml $65

500ml $100

Mini Myers’s Push delivers a mix of vital bits, straight to blood stream 100 % absorption $120

Glutathione Push 

Master antioxidant,supports detox, & liver health , boosts athletic ability , improves immune system $65

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