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Ultrasonic For Cell, Firm,  Arms $35 20 min

Ultrasonic For Cell, Firm Abbs $55 30 min

Ultrasonic For Cell , Firm

 Glutes and Upper Legs $65 40 mins


15 min massage $15

30 massage $30 

Jelly Mask $20


3 Arms $75

3 Abbs $135

3 Glutes & Upper Legs $165

Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-injection cosmetological procedure for removing unwanted fat in problem areas.

How does Ultrasonic Cavitation operate:

The machine releases low-frequency ultrasonic radiations;

A small bubble is formed inside the fat cells (adipocytes) in response to ultrasound, which gradually increases;

The adipocyte swells, the cell membrane (wall) cannot withstand stress and ruptures;

The adipocyte is destroyed, and all structures that were inside the cell are split into decay products (triglycerides), enter the lymphatic and blood vessels, then go to the liver and are broken down to glucose – an energy substrate for any cells in the body.

Low-frequency ultrasonic waves have a destructive effect only on adipocytes; they do not affect other cells (skin, muscles and blood vessels) so pronouncedly (without negative consequences) due to the strength and elasticity of these structures.


Pregnancy and lactation period;

Oncological diseases;

Blood clotting disorders;

Metal structures in the treated area (prostheses);

Autoimmune diseases or immunosuppression (decreased immunity);


Liver disease;

Renal failure;


Damage to the cardiovascular system;

The presence of a pacemaker or other electronic devices to support life support;


Violation of the integrity of the skin in the treated area;

Individual intolerance to ultrasound;

Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

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